Push-in Racking

Push-in Racking

Push-in racking is suitable for storing large quantities of similar products. Push-in racking is designed to allow goods to be pushed in and out of one end, or in some designs, goods can be pushed in and out of the same end. The core of this racking system is its depth, compactness and ability to maximize warehouse space utilization.


1. High space utilization: Push-in racking maximizes storage space by reducing the number of aisles needed, making it an ideal storage solution in small spaces. This design increases the storage density of the warehouse and helps to improve space utilization efficiency.

2. Cost-effectiveness: While the initial investment may be higher than for standard pallet racking, the high-density storage capacity of press-in racking reduces space requirements and saves money in the long run.

3. Reduced wastage: As the movement of goods in and out of the warehouse is reduced, wastage is correspondingly reduced. This is particularly important for fragile or high-value goods.

4. Increased storage flexibility: Push-in shelving can accommodate different sizes and types of goods, providing greater storage flexibility.

When choosing push-in racking, it is important to consider the size, weight and frequency of access of the goods.

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